Hamadan Province

The Province of Hamadan lies at the western part of Iran occupying an area of 19,368 sq. km and it is ranked as the 23rd largest province in the country. This mountainous province is surrounded by high mountains namely Mount Alvand, and irrigated by roaring rivers that start their journey from the snowy peaks and create lively fields along their paths. 

Hamadan is bounded by Zanjan and Qazvin provinces to the north, Lorestan Province to the south, Markazi Province to the east, and Kurdestan and Kermanshah provinces to the west. The capital of Zanjan is the city of Hamadan, with a 3000 years old history. The province populates 1,758,268 people spread in its 8 counties. 

The province of Hamadan was one of the Median capitals that became a strategic part of the Achaemenid territory, and its prosperity continued well into the reign of the Sassanian dynasty. 

The province is also famous for its several historical landmarks such as Ganjname, Hegmatane, the mausoleums of scholars, the natural and archeological sites. It is also home to great writers and thinkers such as Baba Taher, Ehsan Yarshater, Shirin Ebadi, and etc. 

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