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    Sistan and Balouchestan Province

    The province of Sistan and Balouchestan lies at the southeastern part of Iran, comprising two parts; Sistan in the north, and Baluchestan in the south. Sistan enjoys a prominent significance in Iranian mythology, as it is the birthplace of Rostam, the most distinguished legendary hero in Shahnameh. The history of the province dates back to 5000 years ago. It flourished in the Sassanid era (3rd-7th centuries BC) when Ardeshir Babakan conquered this region. Sistan and Balouchestan was also known as Drangiana, Zabolestan, Sakestan and Sajestan. 

    Sistan Province, covering an area of 181,785 is the largest province in the country. It is bounded by South Khorasan Province, and Afghanistan on the north, Kerman, and Hormozgan Province on the west, the Sea of Oman on the south and Pakistan and Afghanistan on the east. 

    The province populates 2,534,327 people, comprising mainly the Baluch community, spread in its 7 counties. Thanks to its vast area, Sistan and Balouchestan enjoys natural attractions such as mangroves, lagoons, rivers and a diversity of flora and fauna. Moreover, the province is famous as the habitat of the hawksbill sea turtle. As a province with such a rich history, Sistan and Balouchestan is also home to noteworthy archeological sites such as the Mount Khajeh and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shahr-i Sukhteh

    Top Sights in Sistan and Baluchestan Province