Semnan Province

Semnan Province lies at the southern foothills of Eastern Alborz mountain range, and borders the vast Dasht-e-Kavir desert. It was the seat of traders in Sassanid era as it was located on the Silk Road. 

Semnan is an archeological region housing one of the most important treasures of Iran, Tape Hesar, dating back to the Medes and the Mesopotamian civilization. The province occupies an area of 97,491 sq. km, ranked as the 7th largest province in the country. It is bordered by North Khorasan, Golestan and Mazandaran provinces to the north, Tehran and Qom provinces to the west, Isfahan province to the south and Khorasan Razavi and south Khorasan to the east. A number of 631,218 people populate the province in its 8 counties. The province is home to religious and historical sites besides natural sceneries like the Abr Forest. 

Top Sights in Semnan Province