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      North Khorasan Province

      The province of North Khorasan was incorporated in the bigger area of the Khorasan Province, and it is one of the three provinces created after the division of the greater province in 2004.  North Khorasan is bordered to the south by Semnan and Khorasan Razavai Provinces, to the west by Golestan and Semnan Provinces, to the east by Khorasan Razavi Province, and to the north by Turkmenistan. The province of North Khorasan covers an area of 28,434 sq. km on the north western part of Iran and it is the 15th largest province in the country. 

      The province is populated by 867,727 people comprising mainly of Kurds, Persians, and Turks spread in 8 counties of the province with Bojnord (the center of the province) as the most crowded county. The province is prominent for its archeological sites known as Pahlevan and Tape Heidaran dating back to 12000 years ago. Besides, the region is blessed with natural sceneries, high mountains, and mineral water springs.