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Tourist Attractions In Iran

  • Route NameA Travel Guide to Visit Varzaneh Desert in Isfahan
  • ThemeSafari and Off-Road/Wildlife/Ecotourism
  • Duration24 hr(s)

From the Whiteness of the Veils to the Darkness of Desert's Starry Nights

Deserts comprise 25 percent of Iran, and Isfahan has one of the biggest shares of these deserts. The life in deserts creates its own identity including the unique architectural style, matchless scenery, and the distinctive local culture. Varzaneh, along with its historical landmarks, Jame mosque, a citadel, a bridge, etc. contains one of the most beautiful deserts providing the opportunity to walk on the golden sand dunes and watch the starry nights. In this route, you can explore the desert and fascinating far lands of Isfahan to enrich your journey. 

  • Varzaneh Desert