The metropolitan capital city of Iran, spans over an area of 730 square kilometers, housing about 8 million people in the city and 25 million in the Great Tehran. This crowded, busy city, marked by highways and high rising buildings and towers such as Milad Tower, has risen out of a small village and taken its present shape in about 200 years. Located at the skirts of the Alborz mountain chain, and at the cross roads of important trade routes, Tehran was first considered as the capital city by Shah Tahmasb. However, it was during the reign of the Qajar dynasty, about a century later, that a greater number of people from different cities started migrating to the capital Tehran. Each group contributed something to the city, so much so that Tehran became a little Iran, in which diverse groups from different sections of the country lived side by side, in harmony. Today’s Tehran is a modern looking city, interspersed with several historical palaces, buildings, mosques, bazaars, etc.